I was reading the latest GAMEPRO and I saw this 2 page spread for a game called “LEFT 4 DEAD”. The small article showed a guy on a truck mowing down a pack of zombies… I was immediately interested. O.o

After doing a little research I found out that “Left 4 Dead” is an upcoming FPS with a cool new zombie twist. In a nut shell “L4D” is a survival shooter focusing around a four player squad. The game is being developed by Turtle Rock, the team behind Half-Life and Counter Strike. The premise is simple. Four players work together to blast the shit out of any zombies they see. Zombies are insanely fast and scary, unlike the ones in “I am Legend” (hahaha sorry). This sounds both scary and insanely fun.

You can find new weapons and customize your character to fine tune their strengths and weaknesses. I’m not sure how the far the customization will go but I want to be a Sniper/Flamethrower!  Turtle Rock has also mentioned that their will be Zombie bosses that offer a unique and challenging experience.

You got one fatass who spawns other zombies, and another super diesel zombie who throws stuff at you.

The game is expected to hit shelves sometime later this year and through Steam’s online marketplace. I can’t wait. I’m going to go find my other three squad mates and get ready.

Check out this intro video.