I’ve been looking forward to I Am Legend (IAL) ever since I heard about its development. I have always been a fan of “Zombie” movies and IAL proves to be an entertaining addition to this genre.

Although IAL was good, I had two big problems with the movie.


The CG Zombies weren’t that scary. They were freaky at first but later on in the movie they just look silly. If you have ever watched 28 Days Later you know what a scary zombie looks like. If “IAL” had incorporated scarier zombies I think the movie would’ve been a lot better.

The Ending:

I won’t ruin anything but lets just say the ending wasn’t special. It didn’t leave you feeling good, scared, or even happy. It left you feeling robbed. After finishing the movie I had thought, “Wow, did the movie just end?”

Bottom Line:

I AM LEGEND is a positive addition to the Zombie Thriller Genre. Will Smith delivers and Oscar worthy performance and many scenes are amazing. However, the Zombie special effects were problematic the ending leaves you desiring more. The movie was good but could’ve been legendary.