The original Guitar Hero came out in Nov. 2005 for the PS2 Console. Since its Rock Star debut it has become a cult hit. Now with its newest edition, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Activision/Red Octane continues to prove that they got what it takes to truly ROCK out.

Now the questions is…why does everyone love Guitar Hero 3? After much thought and debate, here is what we found:

  • GH is the first game where you actually play on a guitar. Although it looks a little silly at first, once you pick it up you wont be able to stop. The game allows you to learn a virtual instrument without having to sacrifice years of your life. By following simple (relatively) keystrokes you’ll be making music in no time. When you play it REALLY feels like you are rocking out!
  • Every single Guitar Hero boasts awesome songs by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones and Incubus. Many critics are angry that Red Octane leaves out many classics I still believe that they have made a good selection of songs.
  • Ever see a Guitar Hero setup in best buy? Ever see Guitar Hero in public? It’s always swarmed by random people just amazed at the sight. Not only is the game incredibly fun but it just looks awesome. Like flies to a night light, the flashing lights and rainbow colored effects lure pretty much anyone to the screen.
  • When you first pick up the guitar, you will suck. Everyone does . But as you continue you to play you will see yourself slowly getting better. It’s very gratifying to complete a song and overcome a difficult rift. This will motivate you to reach the next level & in turn become a master.
  • While hardcore RPGs and FPS will deter most newcomers, Guitar Hero welcomes them. The game shines when more than 1 person plays. Playing with a group provides much hilarity and entertainment.

Here is my small list, I could keep going but you get the idea. With the upcoming release of Rock Band only time will tell if Guitar Hero can maintain to be the #1 rocker. Until the Next Time!

Check out this clip of the HALO Theme on expert!