The first couple of minutes of episode 1 showed a lot of promise. The animation was slick and the L’Arc~en~Ciel Intro song was just awesome. However as I continued watching my opinion changed.

The Gundam series is known for its over top Mechs battles coupled with riveting stories. The series is kinda like “Final Fantasy” in the sense that they constantly create new stories under the same “GUNDAM” theme.

I don’t want to spoil the first episode but the basic premise looks like its super powered GUNDAMs vs the rest of the world. A special military organization called “Celestial Being” has created DIESAL robots called, “Gundam”. Celestial Being” is trying to achieve world peace by destroying anyone who wants to fight. They utilize Gundams to eradicate war by using extreme force. This is a huge oxymoron and it doesn’t really make sense to me.  How would waging war on everyone create peace? Regardless the battle sequence in Episode 1 was splendid. If you are looking for stylish Mech action then look no further.

Although the first episode was aesthetically pleasing it didn’t really pique my interest.  I am always turned off by the political undertones of the GUNDAM series. This particular season doesn’t seem to stray much from it time tested formula. If you haven’t watched “Code Geass” I would highly recommend watching that instead.  If fact I think I’ll watch Code Geass again before I continue with Gundam 00. Keep in mind these are my initial thoughts after viewing EPISODE 1 and the series will probably get a lot better as the story and characters develop.

In summary, Gundam 00 doesn’t warrant a wriXeL endorsement. The series might pick up later on but until then you won’t see me running home to download the next episode.  I plan on writing another review after the series ends. Hopefully the series will get better.

On a side note what does everyone watch these days?? Is it just me or is Anime sucking a lot these days?