As fans eagerly await the conclusion of “World War Hulk”, MARVEL decides to releases another epic comic series titled “Messiah Complex”. I have been a Marvel fan for a long time and glad to see the X-Men take center stage again. Messiah Complex (MC) takes place after the “House of M” storyline where the mutant, Scarlet Witch, used her reality bending powers to prevent any future mutants from being born.

The news series begins with Cerebro detecting the birth of a new mutant.

The birth of a new mutant defies the laws of reality and is a monumental occasion. The X-Men scramble to find this new child but realize that they are too late. …the child is gone and only questions remain. The X-Men, Marauders and Purifiers are all vying for this child and more importantly the truth behind this mysterious birth.

The creative team behind the series has many acclaimed talents such as, Ed Brubaker, Marc Silvestri, David Finch and Nick Lowe. This 13 part series will span across the entire X-Men universe and will set the directions of the X-Men franchise for the next several years. I exchanged a few words with Editor Nick Lowe and he claimed the new child might be, “…the mutant race fighting back”.

I’m very impressed so far and eagerly await the next. The story engaging and Marc Silvestri’s art is amazing. I am curious about this new child because his/her mere existence defies Scarlet Witch’s reality bending powers. I highly recommend Messiah Complex and I think it will be a great story.

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